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A judge can also establish paternity in other kinds of court actions, such as divorce or dependency. In court cases:. If the test results prove that the man believed to be the father is the biological father, we issue an Administrative Order of Paternity and tell the Florida Bureau of Vital Statistics to add the father's name to the child's birth certificate.

With this method:. Please note: We will review your cases to see which order method listed above is the best option for your case. Learn more about the genetic testing process.

If the parents are married when the child is born … At Birth If the mother is married, the mother's husband at birth is the legal father of the child. Paternity is determined by a judge in court Paternity can be established by filing a civil action in circuit court. In court cases: The party who files the action must be served.

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If both parents agree to legal paternity before the actual day of the court hearing they can sign a consent order that is adopted by the court as the final order. Both parents must appear for the court hearing as scheduled. If the alleged father was served, but does not show up for court, the judge may choose to "default" the alleged father and make him the legal father without him being there. The court may order a genetic test. One or both parents may be ordered to pay for the genetic test and any other court costs. To get an OBC in Florida based on consent, you need a combination of consent of a birthparent or proof that the birthparent is deceased.

So, in your case, you would need your mother to complete an affidavit allowing release and you would also include the death certificate of your father. I also have a copy of that packet that I could send you. I find step-parent adoptions often the most troubling when it comes to getting an OBC, though on the issue of equality for all of us they are really no different.

As adults, our right to our own records should be recognized and upheld. I want to obtain a copy of my original Birth Certificate. I was adopted from St. Can I get a copy of my original Birt Certificate if so how to I go about doing that? My adoption was over 45 years ago. Thank you in advance for your help, I appreciate any information you can provide. Florida will release an original birth certificate in one of two situations: 1 you have the written consent of the birth parents named on the certificate or, if a birth parent is deceased, a death certificate of that parent; or 2 by court order.

Unfortunately, it does not sound like you have the identities of any birth parents. Your only option would appear to be a petition to the court of adoption to release the OBC. That can be legally daunting for many people, particularly given specific legal issues that may affect pre adoptees.

Thank you for answering. I was placed there from the hospital until I was adopted. I believe it was in the Pinellas County. My father was born in Florida in , and adpoted albeit by his grandmother in There are some questions as to what his first name was James vs Jimmy on his original birth certificate. We know what his middle and last name was at birth and what his last name was changed to at adoption. My father has since died and both his parents and grandparents who adopted him have been deceased for some time as well.

Is there any option for me as his child to obtain a copy of his ORIGINAL birth certificate for the purpose of finding out what his first name was at birth? I have done Ancestry. After reading this I am somewhat disheartened. Is there any legislation in the making that may give is access?

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That will include an affidavit that you will sign and have notarized, as the requesting family member. How do I go about getting that? Do you know? I lost my birth certificate once and sent away for a new one and they sent the one my adopted parents had for me.

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Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks so much Nancy. Florida is a restricted state with one very limited exception: if you know the birthparents listed on the original birth certificate and they 1 are dead; or 2 consent in writing to release the OBC, then you can get your OBC from vital records. If they are dead you will need to provide copies of death certificates. If you qualify under this limited exception, you should call vital records at ext. Ask for the packet you need to apply for your OBC. Ok, so reading the comments I think I misunderstood. I am too young to get the OBC. Sooo disheartening.

I guess adoptees younger than 18 currently could not use that process but otherwise there is no age issue in the law. It discriminates against all adoptees no matter their age. Thank you Greg for sending me the documents!! I sent you a lot of emails lol sorry! Soon as I receive my original birth certificate I will let you know. My adoptive parents are both deceased. I have my adoptive parents death certificates.

Thanks for any help or suggestions. If so, you can send away for their death certificates. Or you could ask him for copies. You should be able to get your OBC with no problem. I was born in in St. Petersburg and adopted in NY. I got mine recently. It should be fine.

Great thanks Renee, yes I do know their name however I researched and the state of Iowa is strict so hopefully he will be so gracious to give me copies. I already have my adoptive parents certificates. In the meantime I send away as you indicated for the packet with the hopes of obtaining the others. Thanks for the information and help. One will be invalid and irrelevant. Did you match with anyone else who might know something?

I have a copy of his death certificate. To the best of my knowledge, all biological and adoptive parents are deceased. But, I am still searching for his biological parents. But, how am I supposed to exhume his ashes from Washington Crossing National Cemetery and rehydrate him in order to do that?

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I have his death certificate and my own birth certificate proving I am his child. Hi, I was born and adopted in Miami Florida in How do I go about petitioning the court for my original bc? I have recently found my birth mom thanks to Ancestry DNA, but by birth father passed away last year… Thanks for any help or information. It might take a couple of months, but you should be able to get your OBC.

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I two yrs ago I found out that I was adopted. By my adoptive father, although my situation is unique, I was taken away from my adoptive family due to child abuse in the state of NY. I then became a emancipated minor at the age of And I am not sure on how to go about doing a order releasing adoption information.